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November 17, 2007

Slides Unified Communications Launch

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Attendees at the nationwide launch events saw presentations on how Microsoft unified communications could benefit their companies and help streamline communication between people and organizations. Now you can review those materials or see what you missed.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivers his keynote address at the Microsoft Unified Communication Launch in San Francisco on October 16, 2007. Gates focused on how companies can raise employee impact by streamlining communications and increase profitability with cost-effective unified communications solutions.
View the keynote address.

Learn more about Microsoft solutions that can unify your communications infrastructure.
VoIP Topologies and Interoperability (PPT, 14.2 MB; PPTX, 4.2 MB)
Learn how Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 integrates with any PBX system with different deployment scenarios.
Security and Organizational Governance (PPT, 10.8MB; PPTX, 2.41MB)
Understand many of the security and organizational governance features in the next wave of Microsoft UC products and services.
UC Administration Experience (PPT, 4.31 MB; PPTX 0.99 MB)
This overview covers managing a unified communications environment from a central console, using the Microsoft Operations Monitor, and troubleshooting problems with a rich set of tools.
Office Communications 2007 Deployment (PPT 10.9 MB; PPTX 1.82 MB)
Learn how to plan, manage, and finalize an enterprise deployment of Office Communications Server 2007.


Whitepapers on .NET Framework 3.5

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Paul Andrew has this post: New .NET Framework 3.5 Whitepapers Published.

  • Introducing the .NET Framework 3.5 by David Chappell This paper drills into each of the new features added in the .NET Framework in versions 3.0 and 3.5. It discusses ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, WCF, WF, WPF and CardSpace.
  • Introducing Windows Communication Foundation by David Chappell This paper provides a high level overview of the Windows Communication Foundation technology. It describes the problem in communications that WCF addresses. It goes on to describe the implementation of a WCF service and a WCF client and also introduces other aspects of WCF such as security, transactions, rest, syndication and extensibility.
  • Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation by David Chappell This paper provides a high level overview of the Windows Workflow Foundation technology. It describes the problems in building applications that WF solves. If gives an overview of the components of Windows Workflow Foundation including sequential workflows, state machine workflows, creating and modifying workflows, creating activities, using rules, hosting the workflow runtime, tracking and modifying running workflows. It also provides a good comparison between this new technology and other existing process related Microsoft technologies.
  • Dealing with Diversity: Understanding WCF Communication Options in the .NET Framework 3.5 This paper discusses the merits of considering SOAP and REST and alternative communication protocols between client and server. It describes how WCF supports these and many other communication styles with a single API through the simple ABC’s (Address, Binding and Contract) of communications.

November 12, 2007

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 VPC

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Foarte important pentru cei care si-au downloadat masinile virtuale pentru a evalua Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 Team Suite si Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 TFS: pe 1 noiembrie a expirat sistemul de operare Windows Server 2003, iar dupa login veti primi un mesaj ca sistemul va face automat shutdown dupa 1 ora.

Au aparut insa noi versiuni ale masinilor virtuale pe care le puteti downloada:
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta 2 Team Suite VPC
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta 2 Team Suite & Team Foundation Server VPC

Mai aproape de RTM

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O prima veste buna in deschiderea TechEd-ului din Barcelona: Impreuna cu Somasegar am anuntat ca Visual Studio 2008 va fi Released to Manufacturing pana la sfarsitul acestei luni.

Insa lansarea propriu-zisa va avea loc abia pe 27 Februarie 2008, cand vor mai fi lansate si SQL Server 2008 si mult asteptatul Windows Server 2008. Pana atunci vor putea sa-l downloadeze si sa-l foloseasca doar cei care sunt subscrisi la MSDN.

Schimbare radicala in .NET Framework – 2

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“Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries” – asa se numeste anuntul lui ScottGu referitor la marea schimbare.

Ce inseamna acest lucru? Incepand cu versiunea de .NET Framework 3.5 si Visual Studio 2008, vom putea face debug inclusiv in codul sursa al componentelor, claselor pe care le pune la dispozitie framework-ul de .NET. Mai mult, vom putea vedea comentariile programatorilor de la Microsoft, decizii de design in cadrul componentelor, adica vom putea invata de la altii. Ne-am putea gandi la .NET Reflector, dar cu acest tool nu putem face debug, nu putem vedea ce se intampla in timpul executiei unui formular ASP.NET pe server. Cred ca am putea intelege mai bine cum sunt construite componentele, cum functioneaza, si poate sa dezvoltam in jurul lor.

Oricum, e interesanta decizia noastra. Presimt ca si intern ca intr-un viitor poate nu prea indepartat (5-8 ani) inclusiv codul sursa de la sistemul de operare Windows va fi disponibil programatorilor. Poate nu intr-o varianta Open Source, dar suficient cat sa inveti, sa intelegi cum e construit un sistem de operare.

Windows Live 2.0

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Microsoft anunţă lansarea finală a serviciilor Windows Live (aplicaţii şi servicii web) care se doresc a fi extensia experienţei utilizatorului Windows pe Web.

Deja am instalat Windows Live Messenger 8.5, dar cum anterior aveam 8.1, nu văd schimbări majore (nici măcar de UI). Aştept o versiune scrisă pe WPF de la ei, ceva care să schimbe complet interfaţa standard de IM cu care ne-am obişnuit.

În acest moment testez Windows Live Writer, care arată chiar drăguţ şi s-a integrat uşor şi rapid si cu serviciul wordpress.com.

Din setul de aplicaţii lansate:

# Windows Live Messenger 8.5
# Windows Live Mail
# Windows Live Writer
# Windows Live Photo Gallery
# Windows Live OneCare Family Safety

ultima mi se pare interesantă pentru că permite părinţilor să controleze accesul copiilor la calculator şi Internet.

Mai multe detalii despre lansare găsiţi aici: http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/archive/2007/11/06/announcing-the-next-generation-in-windows-live-apps-services.aspx

Windows Server 2008 Pricing, and introducing the Hyper-V Server…

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It’s out.  I’ve been wanted to tell people since I heard about this last week, and it’s finally been made public.


Hyper-V; the artist formerly known as Viridian, will be available in 3 of the 8 Windows Server 2008 versions, so customers will need to choose whether they want a Hyper-V version or not.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard without Hyper-V: $971 (with five client-access licenses, or CAL’s)
  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise without Hyper-V: $3,971 (with 25 CAL’s)
  • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter without Hyper-V: $2,971 (per processor)
  • Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-based Systems: $2,999 (per processor)
  • Windows Web Server 2008: $469

Pricing for Windows Server 2008 will be no more than 1% higher than for Windows Server 2003. The prices listed are for a one-off purchase of a perpetual license, not volume licenses.

So, those 5 versions will ship without Hyper-V, however, when the versions incorporating Hyper-V technology become available, they will be priced as follows:

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard: $999 (with five CAL’s)
  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise: $3,999 (with 25 CAL’s)
  • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter: $2,999 (per processor)

On a licensing front, you still get the four free running virtual instances of Windows Server 2008 on top, and for Datacenter, you get unlimited virtualisation rights.  The new addition is for Windows Server Standard 2008 in which you now get 1 running virtual instance, whereas on 2003 you got none.

So, all that kind of makes sense?  Now for the BIG announcement.  We’re releasing a standalone version of the Hypervisor.  Yes, that’s right.  Hyper-V Server.  It will be priced at $28 regardless of the number of processors.  No Windows on there by default.  Just the Hypervisor.  Great if you want to run, for example, virtual machines from Sun or Linux.  This is absolutely fantastic news and it’s going to be really interesting to see how this pans out over the next year…

Notice how the price difference between the Hyper-V enabled versions, and the non-Hyper-V versions.  Just $28.  The same $28 that goes to make up the cost of the Hyper-V Server.  This is a change from the announcements we’ve made throughout the Windows Server 2008 campaign, that Windows Server virtualisation would be free, it would be a role, and at no extra cost, but, at $28, the cost really is minimal.  I will look for the official reasoning with interest.

On top of that, we’ve also got the Partners on board,:

“In addition, Microsoft Hyper-V Server will increase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners’ ability to offer customers simplified, reliable and cost-effective virtualization solutions that can easily plug in to their existing infrastructure. Partners including Dell Inc., Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., HP, IBM Corp., Lenovo, NEC Corp. and Unisys are already committed to working with Microsoft to offer solutions based on Microsoft Hyper-V Server once it is available” WebWire

“We’ve also announced the Server Virtualization Validation Program. Beginning in June 2008, vendors will be able to self-test and validate certain technical requirements of their server virtualization software running Windows Server 2008 and prior versions. The program will enable Microsoft to offer cooperative technical support to customers running Windows Server on validated, non-Windows server virtualization software” WebWire

Make sure you check out the following resources:

November 8, 2007

MIX08: The Next Web Now

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The MIX08 Site is now online and registration for the hottest conference of the year is open. MIX tends to sell out very quickly, so be sure to register early! [Early bird registration gets a $200 discount]

There’s lots of fun stuff to talk about.

  • Steve Ballmer and Scott Guthrie will be keynoting.
  • We’re going to have a ‘Show Off’ section where you and your team can show to the rest of MIX what you are working on.
  • Sessions covering the gamut of web development and design technologies. Come and see what is the latest in the worlds of Silverlight, WPF, Expression and more
  • Experts from many industries and skill sets who will share their priceless real world experience
  • A party at the coolest nightclub on the Vegas string

…and much more. Visitmix.com now to see…

blings_9_25_a blings_9_25_c blings_9_25_e

November 7, 2007

Announcing Windows Essential Business Server – Formerly codename “Centro”

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Today Microsoft and the Windows Server Solutions Team are proud to unveil our new integrated server solution designed for midsize businesses – Windows Essential Business Server – previously known as Windows Server code name “Centro”.  This is a significant announcement for Microsoft, our customers and our partners as we prepare to deliver a brand new server solution that will transform midsize businesses by helping them to save time, money and significantly increase productivity! 

Powered by the new Windows Server® 2008 technology, Windows Essential Business Server combines software for management, messaging, and security features into one integrated server solution that dramatically reduces IT complexity and improves efficiency across the business, putting IT in control. 

So what is included in Windows Essential Business Server? 

image (Click picture to see full-size image)  Windows Essential Business Server is an integrated server infrastructure solution designed for the unique needs of mid-sized organizations, combining the technologies of Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, Forefront Security for Exchange, System Center Essentials, the next version of ISA Server and SQL Server 2008 into an “all-in-one” solution.  It will include a Standard and Premium Edition.  Windows Essential Business Server will provide a single Client Access License for all included products and offers new technologies which simplify license management.  Within the administration console, IT professionals can easily ascertain how many licenses they have, who the licenses are assigned to and – when an employee leaves the company – easily re-assign licenses.

Some of the key benefits of Windows Essential Business Server include:

(Click image for full-size)
Integrated Security

  • Defense in-depth multi-level security features with integrated security workloads
  • Pre-configured and optimized protection from common threats
  • Integrated and automated setup limiting vulnerabilities during and arising from installation
  • Centralized security feature management with a consolidated view of your security state across your systems – integrating both Microsoft and third-party applications
  • More automated patching and update processes make it easier for you to keep systems up
    and running
(Click image for full-size)
Less Complexity, More Control

  • Centralized administration console enables you to proactively manage your customers’ IT
    environment from a single location
  • Simplified and integrated setup reduces installation steps from days to hours
  • A single server license and Client Access License for all included products simplifies licensing for you and your customers
(Click image for full-size)
Predictable Platform, Designed for Midsize Businesses

  • Architected for extensibility to easily “plug in” other applications
  • Remote Web Workplace, an out-of-the-box feature, enables IT to easily set up secure
    remote access
  • More efficient to manage, maintain, and control, and more affordable to own than
    stand-alone products

So when will Windows Essential Business Server be available you ask?  Windows Essential Business Server is slated for availability in the second half of 2008, as part of the Windows Server 2008 “wave” of products. The product is currently in private beta. Information about participating is here. We anticipate making a public beta available in the first half of 2008.

You can read more about this announcement in today’s Microsoft PressPass as well as on the Microsoft Partner Portal (MSPP).  For any system builders out there who build server solutions, you can also check out the OEM Partner Center (OPC).

As we get closer to launch of this exciting new offering in the Windows Server family, be sure to watch for additional information and updates as well as pricing and SKU announcements.

The new Windows Live

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Yesterday Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows Live.

You can try this new release by visiting www.windowslive.com and start using Windows Live to share photos, communicate with your friends and family, as well as help protect your PCs and your family while on-line. 

So…what are the new capabilities in this release of Windows Live:

· Now you can post your photos to Flickr in addition to Windows Live Spaces directly from inside Windows Live Photo Gallery

· Going on holiday and want to let your friends and family know?  Set up a holiday auto-reply in Windows Live Hotmail

· Use the unified contacts for all your communications in Windows Live, including pictures and gleam notifications in Windows Live Messenger to keep up with updates from your contacts on Windows Live Spaces

· Automatically rotate and group your photos by time when you import them using Windows Live Photo Gallery

· Windows Live Writer lets you work off-line and easily add maps, videos, pictures, and more to your blog

· Keep all your e-mail in one place using Windows Live Mail

· Use Windows Live OneCare Family Safety to keep track of your what children are doing on-line

· Set up your events, manage invitations, and collect photos from everyone using Windows Live Events

And that’s just the start!  Find out more by visiting the Windows Live Wire Space and then go install the product by visiting www.windowslive.com.  You’ll also want to make sure you and your friends and family are one of the first to get a new, additional “@live.*” Windows Live ID too.

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