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November 7, 2007

Microsoft Popfly

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Microsoft Popfly (internally code named Springfield) is a web site that allows users to create web pages, program snippets, and mashups using Microsoft Silverlight runtime and a set of online tools provided. Following 3 tools are included in Popfly, based on Silverlight:

  • Mashup Creator:Mashup is a web application that combines 2 or more web sites or other sources. For example: you can mash together your pictures and map blocks to create geotagged map of pictures of your choice. Follow the tutorial and create your own mashup here.

Check out my first mash up – Las Vegas by teekam

  • Web Creator: As the name suggests this tool can be used to create web page. Web pages can be created without writing any HTML code and can be customized by choosing predefined themes, styles and color schemes. Users mashup can also be embedded in these web pages. These web pages are then saved in each user’s popfly space. The user interface layout for web creator is similar to ribbon user interface for office 2007. You can create your own block, online or using Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express 2005 (which is a free download), which you can use in any of the maspups.

Check Teekam’s web page on PopFly.

  • Popfly Space:Completed mashups and web pages are stored in 25 MB on Popfly space. User get their own customizable popfly profile page and other social networking features such as ability to create your private and public profile, message center, search for people, popular things, forums etc.

Popfly allows users to download mashup as gadgets for Window sidebar or embed them into windows live space with some support for blog service providers.

Another feature is Popfly Explorer, a plugin for Visual Studio Express. This can be used for downloading, and editing mashups. You can upload, share, rate and rip these mashup using this.

Learn more at http://www.popfly.com.


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