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October 18, 2007

Muglia on Opportunities: Enterprise CIO Conference 2007

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a. Virtualization
b. Model Driven IT
c. Software as Service
d. Federation and Interoperability
e. Rich Internet Application

muglia CIO conference on opportunities


100% of audience does it .. Ranges from 50% – 70% in the audience of enterprise CIOs. National average is 10% of all servers and probably 5% in the small business arena.

Microsoft moving to 100% virtualization over 2 – 3 years, and Muglia believes that he is the most virtualized company in the world.

MS is growing 100,000 servers this year. The real constraint is power. Starting to measure computing power in Megawatts. Having better hardware utilization rates means this is an imperative.

Quincy, Washington — cheapest power in the United States .. They just built 2 x 12 Megawatts and it each 12 megawatt center holds 35,000 servers. They filled it in a year. Search alone will approach 100,000 servers within two years.

Model Driven IT

Today’s management model is after the deployment .. Microsoft is working to create SML and create management policy and drive into production. It will simplify the amount of procedural code that is written.


Software + Services

How do you focus on areas that allow you to generate Business Advantage?

The theory is that horizontal commodity services can aggregate demand, perform cheaper due to scale, and aggregate expertise and best process disciplines. Thus, an organization is free to apply resources on innovation and delivery closer to the core of the business mission.

The future data center: application have built in redundancy even if there environment fails, it does not impact the continuity. Must eliminate all points of failure within an application, and this creates huge skill demands. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft can do it, but they have major labor pull.

Show projections for internal Microsoft servers as bigger than the internet is today. Bandwidth consumption is going to be toned down with the right application design.

Federation and Interoperability

Extension of identity management. You have to manage your own proprietary directories and integrate with partners and external organizations.

What happens to identity if business units start to outsource to outside firms.

Over the next five years this will come to pass.


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